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Kyle Juffs
Kyle JuffsUpdated 3 months ago

A free first-person driving perspective

One of the most notable things about Racing in Car 2 is the perspective you are given. You actually see the view that real-life drivers see, which is through the windows, and of your hands and the steering wheel. This is a rather new perspective in terms of racing and driving games, and it adds a different level of realism to this mobile driving game.

Tilt your device to steer the car

Another fresh perspective that Racing in Car 2 offers is the fact you are able to steer the car by tilting your mobile device. The tilt mechanic is not as fresh and new as the first-person cockpit perspective, but it adds a level of challenge to an already fresh-feeling game. The game is less about racing and more about simulation, and as a simulator, it is of a high quality. If you are looking for a racing game, then you should look elsewhere. Speed may be used within the game, but you do not use speed to race: you use speed to make overtaking and driving more difficult. Drive and earn coins in order to purchase newer and faster cars. There are in-app purchases that allow you to buy cars without grinding.

Not suitable for learner drivers

If you were hoping to learn how to drive using this app, then you will be disappointed because it is only an environment and gaming-driver simulator. Besides its aesthetics, it is not similar to real-life driving. However, if you want an easy and engaging game, then Racing in Car 2 may be for you. The game doesn?t give you much incentive to earn coins and buy faster cars, but there is fun to be had trying to overtake and avoid traffic while driving faster and faster. The graphics are better than Racing in Car 1, which is enough for most fans of the franchise.


  • There is an endless mode for a non-taxing game
  • The first-person cockpit view is relatively fresh and original


  • After a while you may become sick of simply driving around with little challenge
  • You cannot see far enough into the distance to make high-speed driving fun

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